Saturday, December 27, 2014

Kornak Gazarot

Superior Warrior Officer... you had better believe it!
I finally finished Kornak.

In my adventures with the Morats in N2- Kornak was absolutely invaluable.  The Strategos Level 1 proved very useful and although I was pretty cautious with him- his Mk12 and NWI make him a tough nut to crack.
I hated his pony tail but apart from that he was a good model to paint.

For the Lion and the Rock!
He does look like he emerged from a Dark Angel drop pod but the similarity is entirely coincidental....

Smite the Fallen!
I like the new look Mk12- it's beefy and menacing.

Mk12 is deadly.
Pony tail to end all pony tails
The helmet was the trickiest part to get right.  I think a red helmet would have stood out more and drawn attention to the model's face.  But my sensibilities of trying to keep the armour plates the same won out.

Green helmet- visor included.
And of course with Kornak now completed....

Don't stop when you're tired!  Stop when you're done!
Until next time.