Morat Aggression Force: Order of Battle

The definitive Morat colour template:  Click Here

Latest addition up top.

Yaogat Panzerfausts "Crassus 2.0 & Octavian 2.0".  Click Here

Yaogat Spitfire "Caesar 2.0".  Click Here

Sogarat HMG "Tacitus".  Click Here

Kornak Gazarot.  Click Here

Daturazi "Sulla".  Click Here

Daturazi "Virtus".  Click Here

Daturazi "Ischomachus". Click Here

Daturazi "Aristophanes".  Click Here

Yaogats "Augustus" & "Marius". Click Here

Raktorak "Scipio".  Click Here

Suryat HMG "Aeneas".  Click Here

T-Drone/ R-Drone "Tobias".  Click Here

Q-Drone "Nemo".  Click Here

Vanguard Sniper "Cato".  Click Here

Vanguard Hacker "Seneca 2.0".  Click Here

Vanguard ML "Thucydides".  Click Here

Vanguard HMG "Bacchus 2.0".  Click Here

Ikadron "Ingham".  Click Here

Ikadron "Steggles".  Click Here

Vanguard "Quintus 2.0".  Click Here

Vanguard "Marc Antony 2.0".  Click Here

Vanguard "Trajan 2.0".  Click Here

Rasyat "Sophocles".  Click Here

Treitak "Anyat".  Click Here.

Treitak Spec-Ops "Polybius".  Click Here

Raktorak "Belisarius". Click Here

Sogarat "Herotodus".  Click Here

Zerat Hacker "Calonice".  Click Here

Zerat "Antigone".  Click Here

Oznat "Lysistrata". Click Here

Daturazi "Justinian". Click Here

Daturazi "Caligula".  Click Here

Raicho TAG "Mithras".  Click Here

Medtech Obsidon Medchanoid "Galen".  Click Here

Slave Drones "Slug 1 and Slug 2".  Click Here

Kurgat Engineer Mk12 "Titus".  Click Here

Morat Vanguard Hacker "Seneca".  Click Here.

Preta "Zergling Four". Click Here

Preta "Zergling Two and Three". Click Here.

Preta "Zergling One". Click Here

Kurgat Engineer "Vespasian".  Click Here.

Raicho TAG "Prometheus". Click Here.

Yaogat sniper "Cicero".  Click Here

Rasyat Diplomat "Suetonius".  Click Here.

Daturazi "Nero".  Click Here.

Sogarat "Invictus".  Click Here.

Vanguard HMG "Bacchus".  Click Here.

Vanguard "Quintus". Click Here.

Vanguard "Marc Antony".  Click Here.

Vanguard "Trajan".  Click Here.

Yaogats- "Crassus" & "Octavian".  Click Here.

Yaogat "Brutus".  Click Here.

Yaogat "Caesar".  Click Here.


  1. You should update this group shot!

    1. When I finish the MAF they'll get a good group shoot with a super camera (in a light box too!)