Combined Army: Order of Battle

e pluribus unum

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Shasvastii Shrouded- Sniper.  Click Here

Shasvastii Malignos- Combi-rifle.  Click Here

Shasvastii Noctifer- Spitfire.  Click Here

Fractaa Drop Troop.  "Elissa".  Click Here

Unidrons.  Click Here

Maakrep Tracker.  "Dido".  Click Here

Sphinx.  "Fulminata".  Click Here

Umbra Legate.  "Hannibal".  Click Here

Ko-Dali.  Click Here

Vector HMG.  Click Here

Charontid HMG.  "Harbringer".  Click Here

Skiavoros.  "Sovereign".  Click Here

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