Monday, March 23, 2015

Space Hulk: Brother Omnio, Brother Goriel and Brother Scipio

Tearing it up.
Another week done and another 3 Terminators completed.

I'll hopefully have the last squad of 5 completed soon- and then it'll be time to play Space Hulk!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Space Hulk: Sergeant Lorenzo & Brother Zael

Don't make me use my Pimp Hand!
I finished another two Terminators- bringing my monthly tally to 5!

That's one more than my monthly quota- which is very good progress.  Ahead of schedule is a good schedule for me as the Yaogats are due to be released in two months by Corvus Belli.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Space Hulk: Brother Noctis, Brother Deino, Brother Valencio

In the Grim Darkness of the 41st Millennium...

They shall be my finest warriors, these men who give themselves to me. 
Like clay I shall mould them and in the furnace of war forge them. 
They will be of iron will and steely muscle. 
In great armour shall I clad them and with the mightiest guns will they be armed. 
They will be untouched by plague or disease, no sickness will blight them. 
They will have tactics, strategies and machines such that no foe can best them in battle. 
They are my bulwark against the Terror. 
They are the Defenders of Humanity. 
They are my Space Marines and they shall know no fear.
--The Emperor of Mankind.

I've always loved Space Hulk- one of my favourite board games of all time.

However, with Infinity taking up a lot of my time I just haven't been able to get the Space Hulk figures painted (a personal requirement I have before playing with them).

I don't normally paint board game figures but these were so nice I just had to do it.  Thus it had sat in its shrink wrap for over 5 months!!!

There will never be a good time to do this.  The Combined Army will have to wait- for a few weeks anyway.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

AAR: INFINITY: 200 points- Combined Army vs. ALEPH Steel Phalanx: N3- Supremacy

"As we reach for the farthest of stars, total annihilation is upon us."
It has been some time since my small gaming group had played a game of Infinity.

As part of the motivation to get our painting completed we had penned in this occasion as a welcome party for the newly painted models.

I have been dabbling a bit with the vanilla Combined Army lately and my friend had just finished some Myrmidons- so it was decided... to battle!