Sunday, June 5, 2016

Ariadna: Cateran Sniper

T2 Cateran
Is there any other kind of Cateran Sniper?

I've had these annoying figures throw my plans into utter disarray but when I try and use them they've been simply mediocre.

They are fantastic killers in the active turn.  In reactive turn, they just get wasted....

I'm very proud of those boots!
He wasn't too bad a miniature to paint.  There's not a whole lot of detail and he's relatively uniform in his colours.

Nice tricep work, bro!
I was quite happy with the skin painting on this figure too!

High explosive hit on the scenic base.
Top down view.
Admittedly, the scenic base is an utter pain in the backside for playing, but the figure is almost too nice to use without it.  

Pre-grass and shrubs.
And the skin, pre and post glazing...

That final glaze of Cavalry Brown!
The secret to skin is the final glaze of VMC Cavalry Brown.

VMC Brown Sand and VMC Basic Skintone and their mixes produce quite  pasty looking miniature.  The glaze helps tie it all in together.

Glazed and looking healthy.
And the final product...

Annoying people on battlefields all over Ariadna and beyond.
Until next time.

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