Friday, February 21, 2014

Morat Armored Brigade Raicho: "Mithras"

HGL ready
Yes, Raicho are AVA2 for the Morat Sectorial Army.  

And no one should have to fight alone.

Good flow effects!
There's not a lot to say that wasn't covered in the last Raicho post I made.  I painted this model in pretty much exactly the same way except with a few minute differences.

More glowing!
You may have noticed that he only sports one ribbon.  That's because I lost the other one after taking an extended trip away from my work desk.  I've searched high and low for it- I suspect it was vacuumed up by accident many months ago!

Only one ribbon...
But standing proud anyways....

You'll stop laughing when my twin gets here....
Until next time.

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