Saturday, April 25, 2015

Empress Miniatures: British Infantry

Force on Force or Chain of Command: Fighting Season
Despite being run into the ground with a heinous work schedule, I've endeavoured to clean up my painting desk of models that have sat for THREE YEARS waiting for a paint job.

I was quite happy with progress... until I read that CoC requires thirty infantry!  THIRTY!  And not just grunts, but medics, combat engineers and bomb detection dog to boot.

I guess batch painting is the way to go then....
Multicam is a pain to paint.

I hear there are werewolves out here....
I haven't got it right (no where near) but I can't wait for perfection before churning these guys out for table top playing.

There's a rumour that they hunt in packs of 3....
I need to make a few antennae to properly finish these figures.

Why did they name the capital "Scone" I wonder?
I deliberately made everything multicam to speed up the painting process- managing to churn out about 2-3 figures a week.

Aren't Merovingians from "The Matrix"?
Overall, pleasing progress but mind boggling that I have to paint another twenty to make a playable CoC: Fighting Season platoon.

"Air son ar dutchchais"
Until next time.

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