Thursday, June 4, 2015

Empress Miniatures: British LSW and the Pseudo-Multicam Recipe

Table top standard.
Finished the last of my Empress Miniatures from 3 years ago.

What a good feeling... until I looked at the rest of my lead pile.

Attempted multicam
The psuedo-Multicam recipe is:

1. Undercoat black

2. Basecoat- VMC Medium Grey

3. Splotches of VMC English Uniform and VMC Uniform Green.
- I try to draw them out into a linear fashion rather than just a round blob

4. Wash in Citadel Athonian Camoshade.
- may require 2 coats to get a greenish shade

5. VMC Ivory flecks- drawn in fine short lines

6. Finally, a VERY LIGHT drybrush of VMC Buff.

Lenses done in a cartoonish fashion.
I'll try and perfect the multicam on the pile of Ariadna miniatures I just bought.

Until next time!

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