Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Now I'm Free.  There are no strings on me.
I finally completed my three Unidrons of the Combined Army starter pack.

The official scheme is uninspiring to say the least and I wasn't to sure how to translate my other Combined Army paint schemes over onto the Unidrons.  After a bit of experimenting I'm now happy with the end result.

Test model.
The green and white pauldrons tie the model in with the whole force.  

Keeping the Unidrons in black carapace armour and with black carbines also means there aren't glaring conflicts in the colour scheme between the non-EI models in the army.

I'm going to show you something beautiful.
Everyone creates the thing they dread.
I'm going to tear you apart... from the inside.
You're all puppets.  Tangled in strings.
Now to get the Fractaa finished and the Combined Army starter set will be complete.

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