Thursday, July 23, 2015

Shasvastii Noctifer Spitfire

XCOM: UFO Defence- Infinity Edition
I've finally decided to expand the Combined Army into something more than just EI and Morats.  Having been on the receiving end of ODD and TO for so long, I figured it was about time to bring some of these snake/ frog people along!

I'm not terribly happy with how the face has turned out.  I was aiming to achieve a warm grey but alas my mixing skills on the wet palette are subpar and he's ended up with a white face!

Left foot is the grey I'm looking for.
I was very happy with the purple glow of the TO areas and the blue glow of the spitfire turned out very well too.

Dramatic crouch of peace.
I wasn't very sure how to paint the cape and eventually went for a semi-camouflage style of alternating bands of black, brown and green.  The highlighting is quite crude as you can see- I just wanted the whole ordeal over by this stage!

Still- good enough for table top is good enough for me!

Until next time.


  1. Very nice work there my friend, I love that model.

    1. Cheers mate! I agree, the model is quite thematic- positioning it will be a bit annoying but that's why silhouette markers exist.

  2. Such a brillaint representation fo the sneaky, sneaky nature of the Combined Army. Love the miniature and the paint job!