Saturday, August 22, 2015

Malignos with Combi-Rifle

Combi-rifle could be a sniper rifle
This guy came with the original Combined Army starter set from when I started Infinity a few years ago.  He has sat in his packaging forlornly watching a procession of figures get painted but now his time has come.

His right hand and weapon looks 'frosted'- and that is from excessive Testors Dullcote.  That's what happens so use it sparingly!

Apart from that varnishing accident, he's turned out well for an old sculpt.  In some ways, the lack of detail from the older models makes them much easier to paint.

Purple is the colour of TO camo.

Another skinny DYEL alien competes with aesthetic Morats for a spot on the table.
As much as I dislike the Shasvatii weapons- the fact the rifle has such a long appearance means this guy can also stand in as a Malignos sniper.  TO sniper with auto-medkit... yes please!

Fading into invisibility.
The Combined Army will return!

Until next time.

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