Saturday, December 12, 2015

USAriadna: Antipode

Definitely Team Captain America in the Marvel Civil War
I finally finished this figure that has been sitting on my desk for weeks.

I was bothered by how difficult he would be to paint but with a bit of help from Angel Giraldez I got the job done with a good audio book kicking on in the background.

If any of you find it a chore to paint- try putting on an audiobook- and get it done!

Can we go for a walk now?
Painting the white bits was a challenge.

The formula was:

1. Base coat: VMC German Camouflage Grey WWII
2. Highlight: thinned out coats of VMC Deck Tan to the raised bits
3. Final Highlight: thinned out VMC Ivory.
4. Veins were highlighted with VMC Deck Tan.
4. Wash the veins with a thin wash of VMC Cavalry Brown (very thin)

Angel suggests using a wash of Dark Grey after the base coat but I skipped this step in my pursuit of speed.

I'll go play fetch!
The grey muscles were tricky to do and I experimented a bit with Angel's formula.

What I will do with my next lot of antipodes will be:

1. VMC Dark Grey/ Black mix- being careful to leave the recesses between muscles black.
2. Highlight: VMC Dark Grey
3. Highlight: VMC Dark Grey/ VMC Neutral Grey
4. Final highlight (just a line here and there over the highest points) with Neutral Grey.

The gashes I painted with Brown Sand and then washed them heavily with VMC Cavalry Brown and VMC Hull Red.

I brought the stick back!
The green harness I painted with VMC Camouflage Olive Green, highlighted with VMC Uniform Green, then a second highlight with Citadel Straken Green and then a final highlight with VMC Golden Olive.

The straps I painted with VMC Flat Earth and then progressively mixed in more Ivory to get my highlights.

The blade I washed in Hull Red after highlighting with Cavalry Brown and then after a little bit of touching up to make sure the edges were a bit more obvious, I washed it in Citadel Baharroth Blue to give it a blue tint.

Dog lovers.... GTFIH!
Until next time.

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