Sunday, January 15, 2017

Airborne Ranger- SMG

Walking on.
First post for the new year!  It's been hectic as usual but I finally got to fit in some time for hobbying.

This is the first of the backlog of models I'm churning out this year.

Green Jacket.
I found the green jacket interesting to paint.

I painted it with VMC Cam. Olive Green, washed it with Heavy Green, then gradually added Citadel Straken Green with a final highlight of Nurgling Green to get that yellowish look.

I made sure my paints were thinned out a lot- so some areas took a few goes to get a reasonable looking highlight.

I tried to have another attempt at NMM- using VMC Black Grey as my base and slowly building up with Dark Grey and Neutral Grey and a final highlight of Ghost Grey.

A thin glaze of Blue Game Ink was applied (a bit too thickly!) but it gives the impression of a black metallic blade.

I'm going to say now that the zippers were very annoying.

I painted them Chocolate Brown, highlighted with Flat Earth and then with Medium Grey spot highlights on the tips.  I then used a Black mixed with water and thinner to make a faint wash- and carefully did some black lining to make the zips stand out a bit more.

I used Khaki, then a highlight with Medium Grey, then Dark Sand and then finally with VGC Sun Yellow.

Summary Photo.
Overall I'm pleased with the result.  I played around with my skin formula that turned out a bit more orange than I liked.

I'll have to keep experimenting.

Extreme prejudice.
Until next time- happy hobbying.

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