Monday, January 16, 2017

Grunt- Paramedic

I'm a specialist... really.
In tidying up the list for the next tournament, I decided to paint another Grunt as a specialist.

He was a straight forward paint job- refining some of the techniques I had learned from the past dozen or so Ariadna models I've been practicing on.

Medic patch.
I painted a small red cross on the armband to help denote his specialist role.

My brush is starting to die and as a result some of the highlights are coming off a bit thick.

Looking for wounded...
I liked working on his sunglasses- it was a pleasant change from painting camouflage.

Final summary shot.
I'll be glad to paint something not human and not so detailed soon!

Satisfying as it is to paint near future space soldiers- I need a break from these guys.

Until next time- happy hobbying.

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  1. They look great - time for a family photo of the whole force I think!