Saturday, February 4, 2017

Space Hulk: Brother Claudio.

Come here for a hug, Mr. Genestealer.
With CanCon2017 out of the way, it's time to get through my backlog on my desk.

A lengthy campaign has begun!

One of the best guides I've found is on Youtube by StrikingScorpion82.

Every so often I have to go back and refer to it- but I found it useful to jot down a few notes in case I forgot a particular step.


Sprayed with Army Painter Dragon Red

1. Clean and spray with Army painter Dragon Red

2. Gold bits- base coat with a mid brown colour (metallics don't show up well on red).  Citadel Skrag Brown.  Then Gehenna Gold is recommended.  Then mix some silver in and then highlight it.

3. Bullets (Hashat copper).

4. Cloth/Skulls- Chocolate Brown then second coat of German WW2 Cam Beige (leaving a bit of brown in the recesses.

5. Gems- VGC Royal Purple.  White dot

6. Black joins in the elbow/ behind the knee.  Mix Citadel Leadbelcher with Black- mix 3/4 black, Leadbelcher- and then carefully paint it in.

7. Metal chains and weaponry- Citadel Leadbelcher

8. Crux and White Wings- VMC Neutral grey.

9. Eyes- Citadel Snot Green.

Base coats complete.
Back View.
With the base coats complete it's time to do the fun stuff!

Shading and Detailing

Washed and highlighted.

10.  Wash- Citadel Nuln Oil for the metallic parts (chains and weaponry).

11.  Wash- Citadel Seraphim Sepia JUST INTO THE CRACKS.  Do not go over the panels.

12.  Wash- Agrax Earthshade into cracks.

13.  Evil Sunz Scarlet highlights along the edges of the panels and some of the flat surfaces.

14.  Panel edge highlights- use Blazing Orange (Trollslayer Orange).  I didn't have that so I utilized VMC Hot Orange.

Lightning claws- crude paint job but effective.

15.  Lightning Claws: VMC Cold Grey edge highlights.  Then I used a succession of thinned down Citadel Paints- progressively painting less and less of the blades.  I started off with The Fang (a grey blue), then Kantor Blue, then Teclis Blue, then Baharroth Blue and then finally Blue Horror.

16.  Gold.  Over the base coat (which was washed with some Agrax Earthshade) I used Shining Gold, and then a final highlight of Shining Gold mixed with Mithril Silver (to create a silver/ gold look).

Metals and Wings.

17.  White Icons/ Wings.  I used VMC Pale Blue as a highlight.

18.  Chain/ Vents metallics- highlight with Chainmail.

So that's it!  Hope you find it useful... I know I'll be referring to this guide for a white.

Note that Tale Of Painters also has a guide that is very useful for Blood Angels and worth looking into  Click Here.

Summary Photo.
Until next time!

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