Thursday, June 29, 2017

USAriadna: Fire Team Core: Marauders

Let it be known that the planet broke before the Guard did.
It's been a long time between posts- such is life for the average hobbyist!

That being said, a great many things have happened- the Emperor is dead and so is Warhammer 40K 7th Edition.  To commemorate such a momentous event I have cheekily painted my own version of Kasrkin- USAriadna Marauders.

This is the first of a 6 part series on the Marauders.  They'll be taken out to prove the power of their MSV1 binoculars so stay tuned!

When bored....
Having finally a few spare hours to myself after all this time I grabbed the nearest and newest shiny box and started building.

Of course once I had the momentum from building I dusted off my paints...

The pain of batch painting...
... batch painting details.
It was a struggle relearning all the little tricks and formulas for painting but it got steadily more addictive as they began to materialise!

Highlights make everything interesting!
A few hours squeezed in here and there got me through the grind of painting boots and gloves.  It all added up!

I even amused myself doodling a bit of free hand as a tribute to Cadia.  I've always loved the Cadians and the Kasrkin in particular.  Most wargaming enthusiasts will recognise the winged skull of the Imperial Guard and the Cadian motif.

The final product.
Now that they're done I am safely back to my hobbying addiction and I'm going to work on some terrain next.

I even painted an old miniature that had been held shamefully in a box for several years!  That's another one off the back log.

I'm so excited to be back with a brush in my hand.

Until next time!

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