Sunday, July 2, 2017

Marauder: Sniper Rifle

Big suppressor is best suppressor
The other Marauder with MSV1, he will be paired with the Marauder HRL for some good ARO action.

He is only armed with a normal Sniper rifle though, meaning he just does Shock damage.  No double action rounds or armour piercing rounds for him.

Tried NMM on the magazine... and failed!
The weapon and the armour plates turned out quite well on him so I'm still pretty happy with the end result.

Cadian Gate emblem.
Im happy with the pouches in this guy.  The free hand turned out quite neat and tidy and the mounting rails on the side of his helmet also turned out well!

He even did well today in a test run for an upcoming tournament so I suspect he will get a lot more play time.

Obligatory summary photo.
Until next time!

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