Thursday, December 26, 2013

Morat Raicho TAG: "Prometheus"

Mariko- I am here to rescue you!
It's big.  It's imposing.  It looks bad ass.

I present: Prometheus.

Looking for trouble.

So Morat TAGs aren't the best TAGs in the game.  But the models look amazing.  It was this model in particular that sold me on Infinity in the first place.  That enormous long rifle and Samurai like armour really impressed me (much more that the other TAGs that were out at the time).  

So some quick design notes on the paint scheme.  I wanted a colour scheme consistent with the infantry- so I used the same palette as the little Morats.  Thus the shoulder plates and knee plates were done in white.  The main shoulder guards were painted with red highlights and the Morat 3 Star done in blue.  

I did have some trouble translating the colour scheme to the big flat areas of the model- so I had to do some dry brushing (not as big a fan of that technique these days)- but it worked out well.

The 3 white stripes across the red ribbons are symbolic of a movie I watched on the plane recently- "Wolverine".  I won't put in any spoilers, but let's say that the movie strongly reminded me of this model and I wanted to paint in a little momento- and writing in Hiragana wouldn't be consistent with Infinity Universe.

Gun barrel.
So the HMG was done with Citadel Tin Bitz (a very old pot I've had for over a decade!) and then dry brushed/ blended with Citadel Balthazar Gold.  A bit of black was then used to pick out the orifices of the HMG.  

As you can see, the highlights were done with Vallejo Cold Grey and then final corner and edge highlights were done with Vallejo Ghost Grey.

The magazine was painted with VMC Charred Brown and then highlighted with Citadel Gorthor Brown.  This was to keep it consistent with the brown armour plating of the Morat Vanguards.

I had to look up a few guides on painting the flamer.  As you can see it was a reverse highlighting procedure.  Mostly black.  Then painted in Tin Bitz about two thirds of the way along the barrels and then finally Balthazar Gold.  

The "honey bee" colouring of the fuel canister was achieved by painting it in a base of Citadel Bronzed Flesh first, and then progressively painting it over with thin layers of Citadel Sunburst Yellow.

Rear View… bum well protected with armour plating!
Here you can see the animal pelt that the pilot has used to decorate his TAG.  It was done the same way as the Morat hair in the smaller figures.  VGC Charred brown base coat.  Then layer highlighting with Citadel Zandri Dust.  Followed by Citadel Ushabti Bone.  Then a tiny final highlight of VMC Ivory.

Side vents and 'glow'
I wasn't a hundred percent happy with my glowing blue technique.  It worked out well with the Sogarat "Invictus" but I must've lost my touch in the past 3 weeks of holidaying in the snow.

Citadel Kantor Blue.  Then highlight with Teclis Blue.  Then edging with Lothern Blue.  Then ultra edging with Baharroth Blue.  

Still didn't work out to well for the bigger glowing areas- that right foot being the main culprit!

Ah well, more experience I suppose.

Not happy with the face!
I found the "white face" just too monotone and detracting from the model.  

So I did a bit of 'glow' in the mouth piece.  

I think it shows off the face a little bit more and I'm a bit happier with the model now.

So overall- a lovely model and I tried to do it justice.

One more thing- GLUE THE RIBBONS IN PLACE BEFORE GLUING THE LEGS IN PLACE.  Those ribbons are quite skewed because I wasn't able to affix them to their correct joins on the hip.


  1. Lovely model and fantastic painting! Can't wait to see it in action!

    1. The painting is OK. Hopefully Raicho number 2 will be even better!

      What? They are AVA 2 for a reason…. right???