Monday, June 9, 2014

Ikadron: Steggles- the Robot Chicken

Book!  Book!  Book!  Book!  Book!
This is an Ikadron.

It's a Combined Army droid.  It's job is to carry baggage which I haven't quite worked out how it affects the game.  It's other job is to be like an EI enforcer to keep the aggressive Morats from killing their erstwhile alien allies.

It also looks like a chicken.

A 9 point regular order generating chicken....
Steggles was a bit of a rush job.  And being my first EI model (bar Dr. Worm)- I was trialling my very own EI paint scheme.

Side view.
He's not to the same standard as my Morats- and probably needs a bit of a clean up.

The main theme of the 'organic' looking plates over the vents and the 'muscles' was kept consistent with the Medchanoid and the slave remotes.

Glowing bum!
The green armour plating was over done.  He needs more black armour plating to distinguish him as EI (rather like the Medchanoid).

Flamer view
The flamer was adequate but not as satisfactory as the flamer on my Raicho.  The main difference was using a gold metallic on the final highlight at the rear of the flamer nozzle.  It looks out of place.  Leaving it a bronze colour is more realistic.

The flamer fuel bottle should be more muted.  I'll stage the brown base coat with a GW Snakebite leather before putting the Sunburst Yellow highlight on it for the next Ikadron on my desk.

Scratching the dirt for some chicken feed
He's not perfect, but it'll do for the table top.  And I've learned a bit for the next one.

Until next time, Happy Wargaming!

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