Sunday, November 9, 2014

Daturazi 2.0: Ischomachus

I pottered away on this guy over the course of a week- thinking he'd be a little bit easier since he isn't carrying a fire arm.  In fact, it just allowed me to distract myself even more with pointless internet browsing.  Next time I paint- I'll have to command that time and force myself to paint solidly instead of foolishly responding to click bait.

Ischomachus is an individual mentioned in Xenophon's ancient text "The Economist".  And whilst being a man of wisdom, he's also been on that bulk time too!

The red skin has come out very red, but overall it's not too dissimilar to the rest of the Morats so I don't think it will look out of place on the table top.

He need a little bit of touching up from where some the highlights have rubbed off (see the front knee pad) and the base, but overall he's finished and will dutifully await 3rd Edition.

Ischomachus will be biding his time....

... Cos when it's cutting time, it's not just the Daturazis who are going to be shredded!

Until next time, happy hobbying.

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