Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ariadna: Chasseur

Flamers ready!
I finished this Chasseur over the past two weeks.

He was an enjoyable model to paint and not so covered in detail to make it a chore to finish.  In keeping with his French origins I painted his pants and cap in Camouflage Europe Centrale- the camouflage pattern of the modern French army uniforms.

He's turned out very well for an old sculpt even if I do say so myself.

From this...

WIP shots...
To this...


Painting Camouflage Europe Centrale

Primed and base coated
Step 1- Undercoat black and then basecoat VMC Khaki.  Then highlight with VMC WW2 German Cam. Beige.

Cam in detail.
Step 2- (with thinned out paint) VMC Reflective Green stripes/ splotches.  Follow that with VMC Chocolate Brown stripes and splotches.  These should overlap slightly with the green ones.  There should be roughly 1:1 ratio of green to brown stripes.  Finally use VMC Black for the final lot of stripes- roughly 1 black stripe to every 2-3 other stripes in the area.

Black lining is key
Step 3- Black line the pockets and creases with thinned down black paint.  

Detail Photos

The glasses I painted as 'gems' and they've turned out ok.  I've kept the goggles orange to maintain consistency amongst the other Ariadna troops.

Back Pack detailing
The back pack I painted as per my grunts.

Boots and radio
Until next time.