Friday, March 11, 2016

Ariadna: Spec-Ops

Sneaky peaky.
I have no idea why I did this miniature other than the fact he has been on my to do list for 100 days.  Yes- that's right- 100 days.  So when a competition turned up for painting a Spec-Ops model- I caved in and got it done.

To be honest, having the satisfaction of crossing him off my to do list is a fantastic feeling.

He's good for the table top and I can't wait to trot him out as a proxy for ... anything!   So versatile!

All this from humble beginnings...

That's just groceries.
But some consistent layers of paint...

Awaiting detailing.
And then voila....

Just basing awaits.
And a final burst of effort...

The pouches and straps were a bit annoying but I broke in down into micro steps that I steadily chipped away at over a week and now it's done he looks quite good.

My blending on the pouches is pretty crude but it's good enough for playing.

Rifle in profile
The weapon turned out well.

Combat knife
Now this weapon I'm very happy with.  I experimented with non metallic metal on the blade- mixing Citadel The Fang and Vallejo Black as the base coat and then highlighting up with (thinned out) The Fang, VGC Cold Grey and then VGC Ghost Grey as a final highlight.

The main point seemed to be to visually divide the blade surface into quarters and then alternate The Fang into opposite quarters.  The VGC Cold Grey and VGC Ghost Grey I restricted to the the ridges and edges of the blade.

Until next time, happy hobbying.