Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Caledonian Volunteer- Rifle

Is that a seed soldier?
Despite his odd looking pose- this figure isn't too bad.

I painted him with the Caledonian Volunteer whilst Braveheart was blaring in the background.  That was some motivation.

The buckles!  I forgot to paint the buckles!
Ooops.... I'll need to go back and fix those buckles.

Standard back pack.
Red and white hatch turned out well.
Overall, not a bad turn out for a cheap order generator.

He started out looking very plain but I am always surprised at how much the technique of highlighting does to a miniature.

Starting out with plain base coat... awaiting the highlights.

Then post highlights...

Highlighted skin and weapons.
And then detailing....

Guarding deployment zones and generating orders and not doing much else.
Until next time.

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