Sunday, August 27, 2017

A Manly Doll House- Armoury and Guard House.

Best doll house ever!
Every so often I get fed up painting miniatures and want to experiment with some terrain.

I've always been fascinated with terrain that has lots of little details in it.  Most of the time I never bother detailing terrain- after all, it's the miniatures that are the stars and they take the most time.  Still, a few simple techniques with an airbrush don't take too much time and the effect is great!

I even did furniture!
Yes, yes I did.
What can I say- if you want to pimp out a piece of terrain- a couple of quick pieces of terrain make a huge difference!

It's an armoury.

What a difference a bit of furniture makes.  Brings the building to life.

And gives some partial cover when negotiating the battlefield... but that's not why I put furniture in there (hee hee!).

Some nods to popular culture.
The scenery was made by the now defunct Spartan Scenics.  It was resin- so it was pain to wash and then dry.

The paint job was kept extremely simple.  Primed with GW Chaos Black primer, then sprayed a base coat, then simple panel highlight.  Taped off the green stuff (quite sloppily in some parts) and then did the "blue steel" the same way.

Edge highlighting....
I then finished off with some edge highlighting.  

Yes, it almost killed me.  It certainly finished off my old Windsor and Newton which was on it's last legs.  

I did my usual lazy double highlight method.  That is highlight with a dark grey all the edges.  Then on selected edges that catch the light- use an almost white grey.

Trying out different painting techniques.
After reading up on non metallic metal a bit more- I gave it a go on this piece of armour.  

It looks ok- but not Ultramarine Marneus Calgar Golden Demon standard.

I have a lot more practice to do.

There's a second storey!
I wasn't a hundred percent happy with my airbrushing on the roof and the lights.  

You can see the splatter from having mixed in too much thinner- so it looks untidy.

But it's what inside that counts!
The posters are various stock internet pictures of science fiction stuff that I printed off on MS Word.  I carefully cut them out using some scissors and stuck them on with thinned out PVA glue.

Democracy is not negotiable you tentacled alien scum!
I have a massive soft spot for the Fallout universe.  

... and the Brotherhood of Steel!

A ladder to no where.
My only regret with this build was not thinking it through thoroughly and putting the ladder in the wrong spot.

I'll have to use one of my dumpsters to put underneath the ladder so my toy soldiers can climb up with ease and shoot at each other with the minimum fuss.

Happy gaming everyone... and reminder: always go full retard!


  1. Really nice job!

    Where's the building from? And the furniture inside?

    1. The building is a comibination of Micro Arts Studio Guard Tower and Garage sets.

      The furniture is the Armory set from Spartan Scenics (now ceased trading).