Monday, July 9, 2018

Maverick- Molotok

Close range... better switch to pistols.
I promise myself I'll never do another bike again. 

I finished this fellow off to go with his matching pair from the box.  Mavericks don't get a lot of play from me though having painted a bunch of bikes now I might make a biker force and see how many survive the headlong rush at the enemy!

Scratches on boxes!
I've become quite fond of doing scratches on flat surfaces to give a bit of interest.  I'm sure I've overdone it so I'll scale it back for my next miniature.

Reaching for it.
The horse head emblem on the shoulder turned out a lot better than the other Maverick.  Some stark highlights helped a lot.

I was very happy with how the molotok turned out.  Especially the dark blue magazine. 

Top down view.
The dials on the bike I deliberately kept muted so not detract from the rider or the windscreen.

Summary photo.
Until next time, everyone....

Ride hard... and keep your pistol handy!

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