Wednesday, July 11, 2018

USArianda: Rosie Munroe

Wave that rocket launcher around!
I had this figure done for some time but never got around to basing it.

Better late than never....

Radio for just in case.
I really like the details on this figure.  By pushing the contrasts- it really lets them stand out.

Standing on something... metal.
I took the opportunity to try out some non metallic metal technique on those cases that she's put her boot on.

I mixed in some blue/ grey to almost "modulate" the flat surfaces (rather like panels on tank diorama).

Love me those backpacks.
I love doing backpacks for these figures.  The brown base with a deep blue wash creates amazing contrast.

Ready for some D-charge classifieds, Sir.  
Such a nice figure.

That mad death stare.
Until next time.

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