Saturday, January 11, 2014

Morat Vanguard Hacker: "Seneca"

Wasting his life away on "Misc".

Seneca is a Morat Vanguard Hacker.  A poverty hacker of peace (translation: poor stat line hacker specialist who doesn't even do his specialty job that well).

But at least he looks like he lifts.

And my paint job wiped that goofy looking smile off his face!!!
I wasn't going to get this model.  Then I saw a Miniwargaming Battle report where a string of guided missiles destroyed an Acontecimento army.  Since I had my first 300 point game coming up in a few days, I quickly changed my opinion on Morat hackers and purchased one.

He was done in one afternoon (almost unheard of when I paint).  I sat down, turned on a few lectures and set to painting.

Base coat, wash and brown highlighting done
In order to save a bit of time, I based the miniature whilst waiting for the wash to dry.

Green highlighting,  red base and hair completed
These older sculpts do have less detail than the new ones, so it does make them quicker to paint.

Arms glued on.
I then highlighted the black bits, and touched up the reds.  And glued the arms on.  Luckily, his arms fit on very snugly- I almost didn't have to glue them they were so well fit!

Taking shape.
I finally fixed up the glow on his power sources and that egg thing- and fixed up a few details- creating the unvarnished product….

The next morning, I sprayed him all over with a generic matte spray and left him to dry.  Despite the spray being labelled 'Matte'- it did leave a touch of shine.  After 24hrs, I sprayed him with a coat of Testor's Dullcote.  Awesome stuff.  

Finally, I put some gloss varnish to the gems and his little visor/ eye piece.

Surfing the ether-  reading the "misc"… U aware?!
I was particularly happy with how the glow on his head piece turned out.  It was a simple dry brush of Lothern Blue and then a tiny highlight of Baharroth Blue.  Worked out well!

Power pack- things people do for mobile internet
Let me check Google Maps….
Check out my eye glass!

Until next time, Happy Gaming!


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