Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Morat Kurgat Engineer: Vespasian

Looking for the best fireworks

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope everyone has had a safe and happy New Year's holiday.  I've successfully avoided the post Christmas sales, dodged the crowds of New Year's and been happily plugging away on my latest miniature.

Vespasian sends his regards.

Getting in the perfect position for the perfect shot

Whilst working on this Kurgat, I realized I had completely forgotten my 'method' of painting my little Morats.  That's from a 6 week absence from painting these miniatures.  I'll have to write a definitive template guide for painting these infantry.  That'll be the source of another post. 

At any rate, this is Kurgat- a Morat alien combat engineer- armed with an autocannon.  I find it interesting that a combat engineer would be toting such a hefty support weapon.  Engineers would normally be handling the demolitions and field fortification constructions rather than acting as fire support.  Still, it's a great model and I have to show off more of it!

Glowing vents are cool

I've been trying to perfect my glow effects and I still haven't got it down pat.  Faint dry brushing is definitely a step that has to be incorporated.  Just painting in the glow doesn't have the same effect.  The cannon muzzle definitely looks more 'glowy' than the bottom vents at the rear of the weapon.

I think that the 'brightest' glow colour goes in the centre source of the glow and that same colour is then used in the slightest of highlights on edges near by.  I'll have to look up a few more online guides before attempting it again.

Carrying all his extra kit on his person like a good soldier

I was particularly happy with all his pouches and his backpack.  Despite being clad in high tech armour, he's still man-handling his gear on his back.  I can imagine all sorts of demolition charges and mines being carried around in his pack.  And a trusty entrenching tool when it comes to filling sand bags and digging pits.

I hope for his sake that Paradiso isn't too rocky!

Until next time. 

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