Sunday, January 26, 2014

Slave Drones: Slug 1 and Slug 2

Slug 1 and Slug 2
They were interesting to paint.

And they're bigger than what I thought they would be.
Painting them was a challenge.  My intent was to produce an organic/ synthetic look with paint.  It turned out OK.  I would've liked more grey in the skin to make appear seem more synthetic, but without a wet palette I had to compromise.

Rear and side views
The scheme for the skin was:

BASE: Citadel Castellan Green
WASH: Athonian Camo-shade
1st Highlight: Citadel Straken Green
2nd Highlight: Citadel Nurgling Green

The rings in the body of the slave drone were only highlighted with Straken Green.

Painting the eyes was enjoyable.  I've gotten reasonably proficient at doing 'gems' now and I'm trying out different combinations of paints to make eyes seem darker/ deeper.  

Slurping in the same direction
Hopefully I'll be able to take them out in a battle in the near future and utilize their fast movement to help capture objectives!

Until next time, happy gaming.

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