Saturday, August 30, 2014

Modern Combat: Two British Riflemen

So apparently in the bright neon future of the 3rd Millenium, there is only war....
Another two Empress miniatures finished this week and needing some photographic treatment.

The squad is coming along nicely now with now 5 figures ready to shoot down some Zeds!

I'll post a few pics of the grenade launcher man.

Zeds?  Where?
I've finally sorted out how I'll do the lens on the ACOG sights and the reflex sights.

Gems for ACOG, dots for reflex
And a view from behind- the MOLLE can still be made out thanks to the light buff drybrush.

Kidney pouches.
And then his squad mate, carrying an assault pack.

I'll aim for their heads
And a side view:

Look out for Crawlers

And Another side view:

I wish I had a silencer.
With five little moderns complete- it might be time to start up a Zombie rpg!

Until next time- happy Zed hunting!

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