Saturday, September 6, 2014

Raktorak: Scipio

Did I dun goofed?  Hold me Misc.
This was a bit of a impulse buy at the FLGS.  It's a Raktorak- a Sergeant Major- who currently doesn't get a lot (if any) play time.  Hopefully the rules will improve for him as he is an exceptional looking model!

I was in a mad rush to complete him as he will stand in as 'Kornak Gazarot' for an upcoming tournament.

Edit: Photobucket is not working well today- thumbnails OK- links not working.  Sorry!
I've put in a few WIP shots just to illustrate that painting neatly does make the whole process much, much easier- so I believe that a good brush is absolutely key.

And more WIP.

Mostly done.
I did paint him in his component parts before assembly just to make reaching those hard to get to areas much easier.

U havin' a giggle, mate?
And I spent a bit more time on the weapon to make sure it stood out as a shotgun.  I'm pleased with how effective it was to paint the fore grip green.

Come at me brah
Fist view:
Misc detectives... that's why we can't have nice things.
And finally, the table top view.

I'll wrek u!
Until next time- happy hobbying.

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