Monday, September 29, 2014

Yaogat Panzerfausts: Bonus Edition

Does anybody even lift?
Despite being incredibly scrawny compared to the latest releases of the Morat Aggression Force, Yaogat Infantry hold a special place in my heart.  Maybe it's something to do with the way panzerfausts blew apart the first TAG I came up against or that MSV2 renders ALEPH's ODD useless.  Either way, in high points games I find them indispensible.

My only problem is that having bought one box on Yaogats meant I only had 2 sets of panzerfausts.  And the added problem of one obvious Lieutenant choice despite being such value for points (and SWC!).

Solution?  Impulse buy another box of Yaogats!
Meet Augustus.

Aweir me on bulking supplements [srs]
Augustus has been converted from holding a shotgun into holding a combi-rifle.  After a lot of chopping and swearing and fiddling with green stuff/ super glue I managed to hack off half the shotgun and meld half a combi-rifle on instead.

Poverty converted combi-rifle
I deliberately slapped on the paint to cover up the mangled carry handle.

It is not that firm a join, so I'll have to extra careful so he doesn't get dropped....

Manlet master race checking in
Of course with the new rules for shotguns in N3 coming out in the next few months, Augustus may end up regretting holding a simple combi-rifle instead of the shotty he came moulded with.  Time will tell!

I can confirm, I am manlet
This Yaogat- who I'll call Marius- was a straight up build from the box.  I was so fed up with green stuffing and converting that it was a delight in just simple assembly.

Now with 7 Yaogats, up to 4 sets of panzerfausts and the ability to hide my Lieutenant... I think the Yaogats will be making a reappearance soon.

Until next time- happy hobbying.

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