Sunday, October 11, 2015

Dozer- Combat Engineer

With Traktor Mul control device
Another figure completed.

This dainty figure is pretty good for an old sculpt.  I painted him in 'multicam' style to go with the USAriadna sectorial that is slowly building in size.

As a cheap specialist he will also allow me to bring some Urugan remotes and blast some armoured beasties to bits!

Knee pads of peace
He is carrying a lot of demolition charges and though I don't like his jumpsuit- it suits the figure well.

Back pack- done Studio Minotauro style.
I was thinking he would make a good 'survivor' miniature for Zombie games.  He looks suitably post apocalyptic with his back pack, bags of goodies and a rifle.

Manlets... when will they learn.
Despite being about 10% smaller than the current sculpts- the discrepancy should not stand out that much on the table top.

"Even the smallest person can have some effect on the game of thrones"- attributed to Galadriel... sort of.
More incoming!

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