Saturday, November 23, 2013

Morat Rasyat: Suetonius

Last alien to the beach buys the ice cream!!!
This is an Assault Marine Morat Rasyat "Diplomat".  He is equipped with a jet pack and armed with a trusty rifle and a wicked looking kukri.  
He was actually quite fun to paint once I had all the base coats and inks put on.  I quite enjoy the highlighting and watching a lump of metal transform into something artistic.  It does mean that 80% of the time spent painting the miniature consists of me metaphorically crossing my fingers hoping it'll turn out well- which can impact on motivation.

Painting hair is a pain!
So I thought I'd try something different.  I decided I wouldn't dry brush my hair.  I have had problems with the 'dusty' look on the hair of my previous models.  And somehow I'd get congealed grains of paint glugging up on raised ridges of the hair.

My technique was to base in VGC Scorched Brown.  The progressively highlight- with a good brush, I might add- Citadel Zandri Dust, followed by Citadel Ushabti Bone, and then finally a touch of VMC Ivory.

It looks good!  Time consuming, but it looks good.  Suetonius' hair is the best thing about that model!

Do I demotivate you?
So this is what Suetonius looked like for about 48hrs.  Very flat looking, a bit of highlighting hinting of what he'd turn into.  But still you can see bits where I've splashed paint, where I've missed things and it seemed a bit too much.

So I then set about small chunking my way forward- with some helpful BBC documentaries on Youtube in the background!

Some more highlighting and base coating is making a difference
At this stage the improvements- the 0.01%- are starting to snowball and gather momentum.  The motivation returns in a big way as the light at the end of the tunnel starts to show.

A few more documentaries about the Black Plague and life in the middle ages later…...

Racing for ice cream.
GW Metallics are excellent for the blade edge
Left side view
Suetonius flees the shackles of the painting table
Painting is good therapy.

One more model to do and I've done my seven for the month on November.

Until next time.

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