Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Yaogat Strike Infantry: Cicero

Contemplating the state of world energy affairs
So this is Cicero, a Yaogat armed with a bog standard sniper rifle.  His MSV2 goggles are perched up on his forehead and he has an earnest expression on his face.  Something is definitely making him pause and think a bit.What really helped me paint Cicero was listening to a few very good documentaries on Youtube.  I learned quite a lot about Thorium and the liquid fuel reactors which will hopefully lead to a solution to the impending energy crisis.  It's really quite amazing- and the science- solid.  

But you didn't come here to hear about the future of nuclear power!

This was Cicero base coated- very uninspiring.

I am very uninspiring.
That green stuff is… green stuff.  Modelling putty that I've moulded into a mound for the rifle butt to rest on.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to get the model to sit flush onto the base so a bit of adhoc crafting had to be done.

With highlights- looking much improved!
I think that highlights (and neatness) are the two things that really make a model.  How people highlight can be simple or super complex- but the end result of highlighting makes a MASSIVE difference to painting.  I don't blend (usually)- I just pick the next colour lighter in the paint range.

Some more highlights done
I left the hair this time to the end as it wasn't such a big deal as I wasn't doing any of that messy dry brushing.

Finally, the finished product with a bit of touching up and some more 'super-highlighting' of the black- putting a bit of Ghost grey in the corners of the Cold Grey in the corners of the Black.

Still thinking….
Showing off various pouches full of goodies
A good looking gem there!

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