Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Daturazi: Justinian

Dark, knife wielding space monkey.
My latest model to be completed.  This Daturazi is the second model in the blister of two old style Dats.

He actually looks more like a very malicious thug than a soldier.  Thematically, the Dats seem to me to be a cadre apart from the Morat army.  They harken back to the violent primordial soup that the Morats clawed their way out of- just meshed with comlogs carelessly tossed their way by the Ur Rationalists.  Now admittedly the rest of the Morat society hadn't advanced much further, but Dats definitely give off that primitive, warrior look.  

The fluff doesn't say a lot about the society of the Morats and how it sits under the umbrella of the Ur Rationalists.  From what I can tell, the Morats are fascistic, totalitarian, xenophobic (quite literally) and utterly committed to the virtue of might is right.  How such a society survives is a bit of a mystery- but we'll put that up to the artistic license of writers.

I got a present for you!
It's a strange little pose, how he has his knife concealed behind.  I suppose he may be leaning back away from a strike and readying a quick stab from his kukri.

The big axe... with a bit of fluff varnished to the tip.
I spent a bit more time on the gems this time, trying to get them right and it has paid off.  A touch more effort and a better result over all.

More gems.
You know what, I forgot to paint his horns!  I'll have to fix that.

Until next time, happy gaming.


  1. Have you seen the sneak peek at the new Daturazi's?
    Very sexy!

    1. I have seen them and they look great.

      Justinian should be renamed to "Just-in-time".