Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Modern Combat: Empress Miniatures: British Infantryman

Testing, testing...
I haven't always been into science fiction- I dabbled a bit in historical war gaming too.

I've had a sections worth of UK infantry I bought almost 2 years ago from Empress Miniatures and it's been sitting on my desk for ages.  My stumbling block was I never knew how to paint Multicam- a dastardly scheme that makes 28mm miniatures look like blobs.

And being distinctly unimpressed with my latest Infinity miniature foray, I thought I'd take a quick break and test paint one of these historicals.

I'll write down a proper step by step in the future, but suffice to say there was a bit of trial and error and I don't think this will be the definitive scheme yet.  It's adequate for now, but I think I'll try a few more things with the next one.


It wasn't too hard to paint.  That is it didn't take so long as the cam pretty much covers most of the miniature.

SA-80 slung
I'm happy with how the weapons turned out.  VGC Cold Grey and VGC Ghost Grey highlights.  Not too shabby looking for my level of skill!

Sweeping through those poppy fields....
I have a deep sense of satisfaction after doing this guy.  Something that's been sitting on my table for YEARS has finally had a lick of paint.  

And doesn't look too bad either!

Until next time....

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