Saturday, March 8, 2014

Daturazi: Caligula

Big guns for carrying big guns.
I've taken a break from painting the MAS building because I've run out of primer!!!

There was a rumour going around that the Daturazi models are going to be replaced, so I did a mad rush to the local gaming store to make sure I got a copy of the current Daturazis.  I'm a big believer in  uniformity and having different style Dats upsets my sense of order.
Caligula is your typical 14 point chain gun wielding Daturazi.  He has a nasty looking short sword and a chain rifle that looks almost like a flame thrower.

Stabby stabby time!
I painted him as closely as possible to resemble Nero (my other Dat) with a couple of modifications.  The leather belt- I didn't go as nuts on with the highlighting and the Red Gem... well I fudged my through it because I could not be stuffed mixing my reds to get a good gem effect.  

Chain rifle... spray gun.
I'm not sure I like the look of the chain rifle but it does seem to suit the miniature.

Glowing gems.
The glowing gems I did almost the same as the Nero- the only difference was tiny dot of Citadel "Blue Horror" in the corner- which actually looks quite good!  I'll definitely do this again.

Stabby stabby or chain rifled to death... looks menacing.
Until next time!

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