Sunday, March 30, 2014

Das it mane: Sogarat: Herotodus

Das it mane.  Das it.
I finished the Sogarat from the new Morat starter box today.

Covered head to toe in power armour and toting a feuerbach he is a mean looking addition to the MAF!  His main job will be hunting down enemy armour.  His secondary role will be to provide AROs.  The feuerbach being double action and armour piercing, it will hopefully punish any figure foolish enough to walk into sight.
I kept his colour scheme as consistent with Invictus (my other Sogarat) as much as possible.

Do you even lift? 
There are a few minor differences between the figures- mostly in the overall bulk and some of the detailing.

Bulking versus Shredded

I tried a different 'short cut' to doing the glowing cables.  I base coated in Kantor Blue and then did one highlight with Lothern Blue and then a final one with Baharroth Blue.  It worked out well- meaning I was able to skip a step with the Teclis Blue and saving me some time.

Stealthiness of peace
One thing I also did was to keep the weapon arm separate from the model and paint it separately.  This had the added advantage of being able to get into those hard to reach places and paint them properly.

Only once most of the highlights were done did I attach the arm and complete the last of the highlights.

Jimmies set to maximum over rustle
Here is a shot of Herotodus and Invictus posing together.

Manmore and Manlet

The key weakness of these Morat heavy infantry is hacking.  Without the cheap-ish hackers of the Combined Army to protect them, the Sogarats are quite vulnerable to e-warfare.

There is a solution though....

Would smash with the force of 1000 forever alone miscers
Until next time.


  1. The trick is to shoot them first!

    My Sogarat with Feuerbach is a pretty commanding presence. He has gone up twice against Haqqislam and just wasted anything he sees. He's great for holding a board edge, or advancing and watching the backs of his smaller brethren. Wish I had two more just like him!

    1. Can't wait for the HMG resculpt to come out!

  2. Great work too by the way. I always feel like painting for a few hours after seeing great results like this.