Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Morat Vanguard (New): Marc Antony 2.0

Finished another Vanguard today.

Happier with his overall look.
Unfortunately he looks a bit stunned.  Caught by surprise.

U wot m8?!
Apart from that I'm not too unhappy with the look.  As a plus he was straightforward to prepare and paint.

Pack and pouches looking better
Leaving a bit of VGC Charred Brown showing gives the pack and pouches a nice bit of depth to the model.

Working on those gems.
I kept the gems and the brown vambraces as a homage to the original Vanguards who wore the same. Then to protect the model from wear and tear- since he's hanging over his base a fair bit- I took his varnishing seriously.

This was just prior to varnishing with Liquitex Gloss Varnish.

WIP- wet look
This was immediately after applying the gloss coat varnish.

And this after a spray of generic matte varnish and then a final spray of Testor's dullcote.

Until next time.

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