Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Rasyat with Spitfire: Sophocles

U wot m8?!
I'm glad that dealing with this miniature is over.

He's fine looking, but he was a pain to paint.  I had to paint him in his separate parts before assembling to try and get all the hard to reach bits.

Having never mastered the skill of aerial deployment I can't say how good Rasyats can be on the table top.  It's something I'll have to persist with.  And hopefully they won't get an ARO shot to the face for their trouble.
Looks done, but many more hours to go to finish it properly.
The model is a little unbalanced.

I've stuck some granite chips to try and balance it.  I've also stuck milliput on the underside of the base to try and keep it upright.  It works... sort of.  It still tends to want to tip over at the hint of an uneven playing surface though.

Strong balance/10
As a result, I went to town on it with the varnish.  I hit it with a few coats of matte spray before a final coat of Testors.  Fingers crossed.

Physics not even once
As I was painting him, the level of detailing on this model is huge.  It was starting to irritate me!  I'd finish one thing and then there'd be something else I'd forgotten about.

Arrow through the head?  Das not it mane!
Oh no, having just perused the photos I just realized I've missed a bit.  Time to put him back on the painting table....

Until next time, Happy Wargaming!